AI Remixes a Song with Python: Devra

I've always wanted to get AI to remix one of my songs, and now we can with Devra. I've set up a project here, and I'm just going to add a task. Before I do that, let me show you what we're starting with: this sample right here and a remixes folder that has nothing in it right now.
Back in our task description, we're just going to describe what we want to do to make this remix. Make a Python script in the remixes directory that remixes the provided WAV file by cutting it up into eight equal pieces and randomly rearranging those pieces into a new sound file. There will be a one-in-three chance that a given sample segment will be reversed. Repeat this 10 times to create 10 different remixes. That looks good; let's give it a go.
The first thing it's going to do is look through the directories and find what's there and assess what it needs to do. Okay, so it's come up with a proposal for what to do, and let's just let it do it. Okay, it's come up with a file. Let's see what it does. We'll create the file and let's run it. It made 10 different remixes. Let's check them out.
Yeah, that's crazy. It's definitely the original but then a different take, and we have 10 different versions that we can choose from. It's got some potential. Out of these 10, I'm sure there's one that we would love. I've uploaded this code to the Devra GitHub account. The link is in the description, and you can start playing with the code. Great, check you later!

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