most depressing ai demo on record

It's 6:00 in the morning. It's been a pretty long night, and I just want to see how many lines of code the Devra codebase has. I will create a Python script that recursively goes through a specified directory, finds all code files, counts the lines in each of those files, and returns the sum. It should ignore lines that have less than five characters. It should only look at files that end in .py, .html, .js, or .jsx. Alright, let's make it and see what it does.
You ever have one of those sleepless nights where you know things are going good, but then also things are just keeping you up, and maybe not everything's going great?
Alright, I made this code line counter. Let's look at the code. Alright, create the file and run it. Alright, the backend has 1.3 million lines of code. It needs to ignore certain directories, like common library directories. You treat it like a conversation when you make a specification for a program; you forget some edge cases. I forgot that there are these library directories. Let's update the file and see what it does. That seems better. 29,000 lines of code for the backend.
Now let's run and get the frontend. The frontend is React packaged in Electron. Also, ignore the dist directory. I knew it would say "dissed". Who hasn't felt dissed? Well, it's shorter than expected: 2,613 lines. So in the past month and a half, I've written over 30,000 lines of code for Devra. 80 to 90% was written by Devra itself. This was a fun little exercise, and I hope to talk to you all soon.

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