AI Heart Disease Analysis Part 2

In the last video, we used Devra to create an analysis that showed age and cholesterol were the most predictive factors of heart disease. In this part two, let's do a new analysis that dives deeper into these variables.
In our previous analysis, we found that age and cholesterol were the most predictive variables. Now, let's create a new notebook that provides a deep dive analysis of these variables. We want to produce valuable insights, so let's get started.
The task isn't complete yet; we have more work to do. The software is creating a placeholder file right now, which has popped up here. Let's update it, run it, and see what it does.
Here's the more in-depth analysis. Let's go through it: age distribution combined with analysis of age and cholesterol versus heart disease. Look at that delineation! Can this even be real? You can almost map out within that perfect rectangle where you are susceptible to heart disease. That's crazy! This could be a really interesting path forward for future analysis.
Go to the website to get the software and try this out yourself. The link to the GitHub is also on that page. Alright, thanks, bye!

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