.gitignore with AI

Alright, this is a real quick video. I just made this new project for Kaggle, and I want to use Devra to create a .gitignore file for this. So, I'm going to open up Devra here. It's logging in. The new project I made will be various CLI projects.
To create a .gitignore file, I spell that right, create, and start. This is just to get the ball rolling. By the project description, it knows it's going to be Python notebooks. It's going to look at what's in there already, which is not a lot, but it'll assess the kind of things that it'll need to ignore and then come up with a pretty good .gitignore file.
So, it's suggesting DS_Store, the checkpoints (obviously, oh my God, that's a great one), some of these compiled files, and some of the data files. We're just going to create that, and it's good to go. So, it's pretty easy.

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