Viewer Catches Minesweeper Bug!

There's a bug in this version of Minesweeper. One of our commentators said that you never hit a bomb on the first click, so let's fix that right now. Here's the comment. We're just going to copy this comment, open up Devra, go to our Minesweeper project, add a task, paste in the comment, create and start, and let it fix the bug.
It's going through all the files right now, looking at the existing script. It's come up with a proposal and is now asking to update the script. Let's say yes, update the file. Now, let's see what changes were made. You can see the changes from the little green indicator here. It's added this "isFirstClick" Boolean. It's also added the section that looks for first-click logic and adjusts the board accordingly. Additionally, it's added a function to reshuffle the board—all this automatically.
Let's play the game. I'm reloading, I'm reloading, I'm reloading. It is never hitting a bomb. Reloading, I'm reloading, it's never hitting a bomb. This is great! Thank you, Henrik, and thank you, commentators. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments. I do read them, and they are so helpful. I often respond to them, and they contribute to the code.
Go to the link in the description to play the latest version of Minesweeper that we've made and also to get Devra to make your own software. I'll catch you later!

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