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This dataset on Kaggle is super popular. It's an analysis of wine drinkers, their buying habits, and demographic data about them. I've already gone and downloaded the data. Here, go into Devra, create a new task, and create an analysis of the wine drinkers marketing dataset. Have several charts, EDA, and data cleaning. Create and start to see what it comes up with.
Checking out that data, it comes up with a proposal. We've got a basic placeholder Python notebook. We'll create that basic file. The file just popped up, and it's going to work on a refinement of that file. Okay, here's that refinement. Let's update the file and see what it does.
Alright, so here we go. We've got the data analysis loading the data, data cleaning, dropping duplicates, and converting to datetime—very useful. Displaying the clean data and doing a little EDA. Histogram plot, that's pretty cool. Distribution of income, distribution of age, pretty interesting. Number of purchases by product category, pretty cool. Heat map, got a value error in the heat map. Let's just copy that value error here and paste it into Devra so it can fix this issue. Here's that updated file. Alright, and here's our heat map. Everything's looking great.
The point here is that it is a basic analysis that gets the ball rolling, and then you can come in with your human intelligence and add to it and make it better. This is a lot of boilerplate code that you didn't have to make. Go to Devra to check out this code as well as to get Devra and try it out.

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